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Your CodeCharge Studio Community was created to be your site for free exchange of CodeCharge Studio information, tutorials, hints and tips. Additionally, discussions here will go beyond CodeCharge Studio to discuss other topics and how they all fit together as part of our developers tool box.  We plan on adding features that go beyond other sites.

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As a CodeCharge Studio Developer you will be able to view CodeCharge Studio code examples, assist your CodeCharge Studio Associates, and  possibly earn some money by selling CodeCharge Studio or other solutions to  members of the larger CodeCharge Studio Community from your personal CodeCharge Studio / CCSELite On-Line Store.

A CCSelite / CodeCharge Studio Media Library has been developed where CodeCharge Studio mutimedia tutorials, lessons, and items of interest will be available for viewing. Also, other tutorial topics can be developed such as Delphi for PHP or any other frameworks you might be interested in.  Full Members will be able to contribute to this library and share with the CodeCharge Studio Developers Community or the Web / Internet developers community at large.

You are  able to upload your own CodeCharge Studio tutorials and samples, or items of interest for other frameworks, and assign a price to them, or make them free. Once you have uploaded your items and assigned a price, they will be available for all to purchase and download.

Full members are also able to create their own On-Line Store where they are able to upload their CodeCharge Studio solutions, applications, utilities, etc. for sale to the CodeCharge Studio developers community at large and beyond.

At this "On-Line Store"  you can get inexpesive software Addons, Mods, Utilities, and Tools that will be invaluable help in your CodeCharge Studio and other development efforts. Why re-invent the wheel if one of your peers has already built what you may need? These downloadable packages will be continually added to by CCSElite Administrators or your peers  and be available to all.

If you have a question you would like to ask and need it immediately and will pay a price for the answer, you can post a topic in the On-Line Store Forum asking your question, requesting a solution, and the amount you are willing to pay.  A CCSElite Full Member or John Real  will upload your answer for you to pay and download immediately.

This is Your site and it will be as excellent as we in the CCSElite community, working together, can make it. 

We also hope that this community will offer many useful CodeCharge Studio, and other platforms such as Artisteer, Delphi for PHP... etc., tools, tips, tricks, examples, and solutions as we use these frameworks for Web / Internet to develop great Web sites and Web / Internet Applications.

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Created by CCSElite on 01/21/2016 10:41 AM
Angelica Real - New YouTube Star

Hi all!!

Well here is a shameless plug for someone I love very much..

My daughter, Angelica Real, just started a YouTube Channel..  LOL

She is having a great time with it!!!

It would be great if all you guys would check out her channel and subscribe. (Get as many subscriptions as we can)

It would certainly surprise her and hopefully encourage her.

Thanks to you all,,

And hope your 2016 will be great!!!

Cheers - John


Created by CCSElite on 01/07/2016 6:51 AM
John Real & Real Web Development Partner with Girard and Associates

Girard and Associates, a leading Quality Assurance and management firm specializing in Emergency Medical Management, contract the team at Real Web Development for their next generation EMT Auditing System.

The new system will allow Girard and Associates to expand and grow their services to other states, providing superior Auditing and Reporting, meeting the many different requirements across state boundaries.

"We at Real Web Development are very exited for this opportunity to be a part of Girard and Associates' continued success and the challenge to build a world class information system in support of their efforts.", says John Real, Project Lead or Real Web Development.

This entire project will be implemented using Code Charge Studio Ver 5 and JJRcms V4.1

Created by CCSElite on 06/01/2015 2:47 AM
New Project Developed using CodeCharge Studio 5.0

We are now involved in developing the new site America is Disappearing.

This new site will discuss many topics related to the eroding American Landscape. John Real is the founder and the effort is completely volunteer based.

Please Visit frequently....

Technical note: All development using Codecharge Studio 5.0, Artisteer 4, and JJRcms.


Created by CCSElite on 02/14/2015 12:47 PM
CodeCharge Studio and YesSoftware dead and gone?

Hi all,

I have not been around for a while. Well, I think YesSoftware is probably gone for good, sadly.

The latest Ukrainian conflict is likely to stop all development for them. It is also peculiar that (The Company that Konrad bought who originated Artisteer and originally based in Seattle, I believe) no longer offers support or Artisteer for that matter.

I think I will also bite the bullet and move on to Scriptcase, based on recommendations I have seen here and other places.

I will, however continue to use CCS5 for performing ongoing development and implementation using my CMS system written in CCS5. New projects will be using Scriptcase.

I will continue to keep alive to support the remaining CCS Community.

Here is another CCS Community with similar thoughts.

PS. I have considered purchasing CCS from Konrad in order to develop the product to it’s potemtial. I had heard in the past (about 4 years ago) that CCS could be had for about $3million. That is actually cheap for what CCS’s potential is. Anyone interested in jumping in?

I will still be around if anyone wants to contact me.

John Real, The RealDeal
aka jjrjr1, jjrjr2.

Created by CCSElite on 02/08/2015 8:06 AM
HD Car Stereo's new web site under development by John Real and Real Web Development


HD Car Stereo, of Hawthorne California has contracted John Real, The Real Deal, of Real Web Development, for design and development of their new website.

The new system will be developed entirely using CodeCharge Studio and John Real's CCSCms.


Created by CCSElite on 10/20/2014 1:15 AM
CodeCharge Studio is Dead??

It is beyond most CodeCharge Studio Developers to understand why Yes Software has killed it's flagship product CodeCharge Studio.

CodeCharge Studio Version 5 is practically unusable do to shoddy craftsmanship, poor system testing, lack of customer support, no product support, and not implementing any bug fixes or software updates.

There is no real reason to re-iterate here what has happened to this once truly outstanding development environment.

We will let it suffice by letting Yes Software's own Users Forums Speak.

And on and on....

Just visit Yes Software's Forum and you will find that CodeCharge Studio Developers are dropping like flies and moving on to stable, supported and viable development environments. Very sad.

Created by CCSElite on 07/31/2014 9:50 AM

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